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Dual Fuel Gas / Heavy Oil KN1000

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Dual fuel burners for gas and heavy oil at 2 stages progressive (hi-low flame) or PID fully modulating if optional modulation kit (digital type) and feeder (of temperature or pressure) are added.
Fan at high pressurization, high efficiency combustion head with adjustment and high flame stability, pilot flame for gas ignition.
Available versions for natural gas or LPG (to be specified in your order).
Gas train s working valve, safety valve, minimum gas pressure switch, gas pressure filter-stabilizer and is supplied already assembled, connected and tested.
The adoption of strong metal components makes the burner durable also in heavy duty conditions.
Burners are supplied with nozzle, fuel switch, gasket for installation on boiler, flexible hoses, pre-heated line filter and thermostat, pre-heating tank with low density flanged resistences.

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